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Our 5-Step Process

1. Interview & Data Gathering 
2. Creative Outline
3. Review Outline
4. Create & Present Draft
5. Create Final Presentation

Creating a successful presentation can appear to be a Herculean task - and rightly so - yet we've managed to reduce the complexity down to a simple 5-step process which takes the creative and time burden off of you or your team.

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We've all been on both sides of this moat. The product pitch of your career is coming up in a few weeks and you have very little time to compose an engaging presentation that will convince your prospect to swing his or her gaze to your solution. Or perhaps you're a spectator at the annual supplier conference and the product manager has just put up slide #23 of 45 and the there's enough text on the screen to make your eyes dry even from the front row.

We've been there and we understand, and what's more, we know it can take a great amount of time and effort to produce a presentation that will make you look like a real polished pro, without you having to spend much time fumbling around for graphics, tables, bullets, words and slides. Our goal is the same as yours - communicate better, be more persuasive and capture the attention of your audience whether you're want to close more sales, enlighten your own staff, or impress your industry peers at the next conference.

So here's the point. Prosperity Plus provides presentation production that can help support your sales and marketing efforts. Our team has produced a wide variety of slide decks and presentations in Powerpoint, Prezi and other formats for many situations where visual communication is going to be the game changer.